Unique Pottery

Mexican Talavera handmade in Puebla, Mexico.

Premium Mexican Coffee

Unique boldness without the extra bitterness.

Half Art, Half Science

The best quality for the best moments.

Los Portales de Córdoba

The Secret Behind its Greatness

The climate conditions and the soil composition of the fertile volcanic lands in the regions of Veracruz, Chiapas and Oaxaca give Los Portales' coffee a unique flavor profile.

At harvest, the fruits undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure only the ripest cherries are used for the super premium Gold selection.

The hand-picked cherries are dried and carefully roasted to perfection following strict production protocols and quality standards to obtain the characteristically bold, yet well-balanced taste.

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What Coffee Lovers Say

High-quality coffee with the same natural flavor as coffee in Mexico. Prices are affordable, and I was impressed by how quickly I received my package. If you want an alternative to commercial mass-produced tasting coffee, you should definitely try this.

Jonathan Cebreros ~ Chicago, IL

Great dark coffee from Mexico. Definitely pick up a bag when you are in Evanston.

Doug Boehm ~ Evanston, IL

I can always rely on MBG Products' excellent customer service to have my coffee delivered monthly and start my mornings off right. Would highly recommend it!

Willem van der Kaiij ~ Chicago, IL

Wow! This is delicious. So bold! Exquisite taste!

Polina Khamoo ~ Evanston, IL

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